Friday, March 15, 2013

Research sources for Cultus Deorum

This blog post is going to be relatively short, but its primary purpose is to give a good listing of
texts, references, and primary
sources for religio romana , cultus deorum, Ancient Roman Reconstructionist Religion and Spirituality
Primary Sources - actual ancient literature that survives

Ovid - Fasti : a listing of festivals and how they were celebrated
Ovid - Metamorphoses - myth
Cicero, nearly anything by Cicero is relevent as he was a most prolific orator of the time,
but especially Nature of the Gods, On Duties, and On Divination . Also wrote on civic and political duty

Meditations - Marcus Aurelius is probably worth not so much religiously, but to give some contemporary philosophy of
the time , and uniquely held a position of power as well.

As far as myth, still researching, but so far general advice is to be wary of books or references that combine Greek and Roman. They are not the same, and let us not dilute the Roman with the Greek or equate them to be the same out of convenience or laziness. 

 Other sites suggest Cato: De Agri Cultura - but it seems to be difficult to find a good English translation

Academic, scholarly works focused on the Roman Religion :
An Introduction to Roman Religion - John Scheid
Religions of Rome 2 volumes, - Mary Beard
Dictionary of Roman Religion - Lesley Adkins
Religion of the Romans - Jorg Rupke
Roman Religion - J.A. North

Roman Religion - A sourcebook - Valerie Warrior

For a good list of online resources go here:

This internet archive seems to have a fair selection of many books, including some on this subject:

Sources for reading lists, and more reading:

This is just the start, not the end of sources or study.
While study is important it is only part. Personal reflection, ritual, gnosis and inner work will guide you toward
"pax deorum" .

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